Always practice the Art of Peace in a vibrant and joyful manner.

Morehei Ueshiba (1883-1969),

Founder of Aikido

COVID update (9/21/20):

We will be starting classes back up Oct 1 at our Wilmington location.

We will be doing non-contact weapons work at our Wilmington location on Mondays (630p-730p) & Fridays (630p-730p) for the time being.

These classes will also accommodate beginners. 

If you don't have weapons that is okay too, we will have some that you can use that will be disinfected before and after every class.

And if you want a set Lothes Sensei can get you in touch with someone that makes them.

Kure Beach location is still currently closed.

Please makes you have a mask with you for class.

No contracts!!!


We are a not-for-profit club that looks to share and teach aikido with the Wilmington community. We DO NOT make any money teaching.  All the money from dues goes to paying rent, purchasing equipment for the club and sometimes scholarshiping students to aikido seminars.  This also allows us to keep our dues so low.  Unlike other martial arts schools, we will not lock you into a contract where you cannot get out it if you decided to stop training.

We work on a month to month payment system where you pay as you train.

At this moment we only deal with checks and cash.